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Welcome to Kent Girl Support. This site is as a safe space; for those that have felt the uneasy presence of someone walking behind them on a street, for those who have had to walk the pavement with their skirt pulled down and yet were still catcalled to lift it up, for those that are told their outfit is 'inappropriate', and for those that get shamed for choosing to use the toilets they affirm to their gender.

This isn't right, and it shouldn't be happening. I wish that I could give you all a hug, but that's physically impossible, so I created this forum instead.

It's wrong that girls have to suffer in silence, and have to walk streets scared of uncertainty. So, Kent Girl Support is an anonymous forum and help page where girls/women/ gender affirmed girls in and around Kent can express any areas that they felt unsafe; whether that was an unwanted encounter with someone, a comment from a stranger, or where any other unwanted, discriminative behaviour was inflicted. 

This forum also links helplines and advice, as well as being a lovely community to chat to likeminded people. Please read the site rules before accessing the forum, and you're ready to go! Stay strong gal <3

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